How to change pen-drive icon without using any third party tool

Change pen drive icon

Old default pen-drive icon of windows is boring.Even if you apply some theme, the changes will take place only in your PC but what if you want that in other PCs also when you connect your pen-drive, it should some special icon like your own photo, that sounds interesting and is very easy to do without using any third party application
How to do:

Step 1 :- Open notepad
Step 2 :-Keep an image ready which you want to use as your pen-drive icon. Remember that the image should in ICON(.ico) format. Other formats like jpg, png, jpeg ,bmp etc would not work. You can download icon images even you can convert any of your images to ICON format using soft-wares like  Format Factory.
Step 3 :-  copy that image icon to your pen-drive and rename it to "autorun".
Step 4 :- copy the following text to notepad:

icon  = autorun.ico
label =

Note: In place of label you can write any name you want to print on your pen-drive and even you can change the name of image icon to whatever you want.

Step 5 :- save this notepad file to your pen-drive and and name it "autorun.inf" (not "autorun.txt") only.

Step 6 :- Eject your pen-drive and and reinsert it again. Windows might show some problems, let window scan the pen-drive and fix the problem and there you go. have successfully changed your pen-drive icon.

On all windows PC same icon and label will be shown.

Note:If you format the pen-drive or delete the image icon or autorun file your settings will be gone.
If you have any problem, then write to me in the comment box.

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