Everything left Behind!!!

Everything Left Behind-The Poem of  an ordinary Kid

When I came, got surprised,
Something was missing,
Something wasn't right.
Then I realized that my mother's womb was left behind.

When I played with friends,
Coral sands containing all hands,
Then a voice called "Grow Up!
Your enjoyment time is left behind!"

I was shouldered with burden of books,
Just like dirty cloths hanged on the hooks,
I was disturbed when my thoughts were packed,
Then I realized, my childhood was left behind.

Some said Doctor, some said Philosopher,
Some said Engineer, no one realized that my dreams are also there.
Science has better scope, in Arts there's no hope.
I obeyed what my parents said and
Realized that my feelings were left behind.

Then came a hectic life,
With parents, children and wife.
I managed time for all
And devoted my life as whole,
Then I realized, my time is left behind........

-Azhar Khan (Ordinary Kid)

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