Infosys Company Profile

Name: Infosys
No. of Employees
CEO and Managing Director
Dr.Vishal Sikka
Pravin Rao
Chairman Of the Board
K.V Kamath
Locations In India
·         Bangalore
·         Bhubaneswar
·         Chandigarh
·         Chennai
·         Gurgaon
·         Hyderabad
·         Jaipur
·         Mangalore
·         Mumbai
·         Mysore
·         Pune
·         Thiruvananthapuram

Eligibility criteria
1. Must have 60% in 10th 12th and graduation.....
2. Should not have more than 2 years gap between the academic life.
Infosys generally have the following rounds
1. Aptitude test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview
Latest selection process
·         Written Test
·         Non-Technical Interview (interviewer is a HR)
Written Test
No of Questions: 70
Time limit: 75 Minutes
·         Aptitude Test (30Questions and 40 min).
·         Verbal Ability (40Questions and 35 min)
·         Infosys Aptitude Test (30Questions and 40 min)
·         5 Questions from Find Next Figure
·         2 puzzles
·         5 Questions from Data sufficiency
·         5 Question from Data Interpretation
·         5 Question from Syllogism
·         Cube problems
·         Statement and Conclusions
Infosys Verbal Section Topics
·         It has 40 Questions to be completed in 30 Mints.
·         Two very lengthy passage and 5 Question From each passage
·         15 Question From Sentence Correction (Concentrate on tenses, prepositions, conjunctions)
·         10 Question From Sentence Completion (It’s like fillers)
·         5 Question From deriving conclusion from small paragraph
·         Sectional cut off for this section is 20 out of 40   Question.

Infosys HR Interview Questions
·         Non-Technical Interview (interviewer is a HR) 
·         Basic questions like covering resume
·         About yourself
·         Hobbies
·         Projects
·         What type of person are you
·         What type of programme you conducted?
·         What is your roll in conducting programme?
·         Go through the Maximum no. of previous question papers and prepare well for the puzzles.

Information source:Infosys Selection procedure

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