Sunday, 26 April 2015

Debate Against Net Neutrality

Debate against net neutrality
Net Neutrality

An intractable technology battle -Net Neutrality, It flooded the news, It has been in the law of court and sooner or later it is going to affect you .

I would like to stample a conception, that is flow of concept, contravention, it's application and it's inception that is when it was planned are the three major aspects of transcendence of net neutrality in the hovered minds of lots of innocents 

A very cheerful morning to one an all present here. RESPECTED jury members, fruitful teachers, worthy opponents and my dear friends. Today I'm going to have contention against net neutrality.

My worthy opponents represented this debate as sentimental than being fundamental, but businesses are not let on sentimental thoughts only.

The given topic cardiolates the interest of two parties, one is ISP I.e internet service providers and other is the consumer like you and me and to fully understand we need to think as a part of parties in an unbiased way.

Some points were put on like airtel zero and special packs of WhatsApp.
My intelligent audience, I would like to clear your mind about this that there is nothing wrong in it.

Now just think like a shopkeeper who lowers the prices of goods in shop temporary to introventialy attract more customers. Then whats wrong in this?

In place of shopkeeper we have flipkart who collaborated with airtel to increase their business and acquire new customers.

Coming to WhatsApp, flabbergastly,
in our daily life we prioritise everything,which is important to us and which is not.
Assume that you have two messaging app in your smartphone, say one is WhatsApp and other is Wechat, and on an average you receive 100 texts on WhatsApp whereas only 20 on Wechat, then it is clear that WhatsApp is giving better service than Wechat, WhatsApp has more importance and priority than Wechat in your life , then why will you pay same amount for two different level of services?

Some people might say that big companies like Facebook supports net neutrality . I will say that this is only because they want to keep aloof the FB title "It is free and always will be"
They are scared that if net neutrality is dismissed they they might have to change it to "It was once free and never will be"

I just want to say that just like a normal shopkeeper, internet service providers should also have right to manage their network so that an adequate level of service is provided to customers.

Some people might say that internet was built to share information for free in an indiscriminative way 
but nothing is paraniel in this world, and thus time is over for net neutrality .

Now assume that a city has two doctors , one with better services and equipments, then of course people of that city will make their choice according choice, according to level of service they want.
Then why not in the terms of internet?

Today videos of Netflix and YouTube clog our pipes with huge amount of data consumption.
Or take example of BitTorrent client which use our lines to download insane terabytes to illegally download movies, games and many more similar things.

services like Skype and Viber provide free calling reducing the excellence of telecommunication companies.
Does need not to pay?

what I think is that charging everyone same even if they provide different level of services isn't fair.It is not a justice.
    one net neutrality is dismissed, ISPs will net better control over network
  • proper bandwidth distribution will be there
  • Illegal acTivities like BitTorrent client will be banned
  • website like which contain pornographic content will be blocked
  • underage students won't be wasting their time on social networking sites
  • I hope that there are many more such examples but the time limit has bonded my words 
    At last I would like to say that either my opponents has chosen wrong side or they are moron.
    but my intelligent audience, the ball is still in your court, think once again before it's too late 
    Let's oppose net neutrality and be a part of rising economy.

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