Friday, 13 March 2015

Visual Basic Programming for Beginners: Introduction (01)

Welcome back readers....
From now on wards, your very appreciated blog "Let's Innovate" i.e will focus on Introduction to Visual Basic Programming.
Mean while you might also find other articles also but don't worry, the VB course will go on uninterrupted side-by-side.

For this series of module I'm going to use following things which you also need to have installed on your PC:

  • Windows 7 seven service pack 1(or above)
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Interest to learn Visual Basic
If you have any problem with process listed above(regarding downloading, installing etc), please write to me on

Why should I learn Visual Basic:

  • One of the commonly used programming language in today's scenario
  • Best and easy substitute of C#(C sharp)
  • Easy To Learn
  • No use of semicolons and curly braces(which makes programming complex)
  • Very Close to English language
  • Can be used standalone, with, to create console applications, web applications and many more
So I think above reasons a good enough to start with Visual Basic Programming.

Thing to be kept in mind:

  • Keep the IDE ready with you i.e Visual Studio
  • Best way to learn programming language is to practice by your own
  • Always type the code by your hands, don't just copy-paste
  • I'm just showing you the path, you have to walk on it
  • Don't keep quires, just comment them or mail it to me.
So, We will be meeting very soon to begin, till then get things ready.

You can download Visual studio 2013 free from here:
Click here

Till then keep coding...

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