Friday, 6 February 2015




"Studies", most irritating word for for a child fond of playing, eating, sports, and other activities.

So, the question comes, What really "study" mean???

Most of the students settle down for studies, and don't even know what to do? how to do???
For many students study means to abandon their interesting activities for a time and open the book and start studying it...
Well, does it really mean this??

If we go on the technical meaning of "Study", it is:
"The devotion of time and attention to gain knowledge of an academic subject, especially by means of book."
a detailed investigation and analysis of a subject or situation"

Well, it's quite awkward and hard to understand and follow these terms,(especially for a student)
In this article I'm talking about average and below average students, not at all about above average students,(they are totally out of mind)

I think "studies" are the heaviest burden a child would have ever bared if he/she don't know how to handle it.
Most of the people suggest to make a perfect time table of your daily routine and follow it.
People also suggest, "early to bed and early to rise" makes your mind fresh and fit for study.

But.. my point of view is totally different from it.
ask yourself some questions:
Do you have control on your dreams?
Do you every time know what will be your future if you take this step?
Do you know what sort of mood the examiner will have while checking your papers?
I think anyone hardly knows this.
Then why put boundaries on our study time.
  • there should be no time limit on studies
  • there should not be any fixed time for studies,one should when he/she wants.
  • the philosophy of early to bed and early to rise don't fits to today's world
  • Start studying whenever your minds wishes to do it whether it's 2:30 am. 

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