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Google Crowdsource Event at Poornima Foundation: Day 2 Review

The Google Translate Community made their remarkable presence in Poornima Foundation on day 2 also, by connecting and interacting with a total of approx 2000+ enthusiastic students, conducting 4 joyous sessions. The day started with a brief introduction about translate community, a video for better understanding and a few questions to make it more interactive like-  How many of you use Google every single day? How many of you use translation every day, week or month? How many of you ever tried to search content in indic languages and how do you feel about the poor results you got? Have you ever thought it would be easier if browsing was that much compatible in indic languages too? Have you ever faced a language barrier in your very own country? The students shared their experiences with the translate team, some of them were so true and made every one realize how important it is to have our languages preserved and shared as the team itself said that the whole internet is ruled by 10 maj…

Google Crowdsource Event at Poornima Foundation: Day 1 Review

For all those readers who have no idea what I'm going to talk about, must go through my previous blog post Google crowdsource event at Poornima Foundation

India's first ever institutional launch of Google's newly released Crowdsource App went joyously at Poornima Foundation, Jaipur. The event was carried out in 5 slots and in each slot nearly 525 students attended the event i.e nearly 2625 students  became part of this exhilarating event today.

What was the event all about?
Google team(translate community) visited to interact with students to make them clear about the usage, need and necessity of Crowdsource app
What exactly is Crowdsource and what is my role in it?
Crowdsource is an app where you do simple micro tasks (translate a phrase, transcribe a handwriting sample, etc), and generate high-quality data. Contributions to these tasks help us improve the quality of Google services that millions of your peers use - services like Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Keybo…

Google Crowdsource Event at Poornima Foundation

We all live in a country with people of diverse origins, who speak different languages. We speak of connecting each and every person to the latest feed and tech. through internet. But are they really able to take full benefits of internet?

The answer is big NO.
The most of the content available on internet is only in English(i.e 53.6% according to wikipedia), followed by Russian(6.4%) and then German(5.6%). The rest of language either play a small fraction in  it or has no part at all. Thus, due to lack of information available in native languages, people can't get benefitted from internet despite of it's huge and endless powers.

In this regard, GOOGLE has taken a huge step to connect people to internet by increasing the amount of content available in other languages.

How that would be possible?
It would be basically done by translating the available content into other languages.

We already have google translate, what's new about crowdsource app?
Well there are many feature…