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Who uses Python today

Few daYS back started reading a python book named Learning Python by Mark lutz an O'Reilly publication and I decided to share my experience and thus will be writing a series of blogs on python based on the learning from this book.

There are more than a million python users around the world who uses python for scripting, general coding, application development, web development, testing, animation, scientific research and many more.

The major uses of python a general purpose object oriented programing language is as follows:
 Google makes extensive use of python for web search engine systemsYouTube is largely written in pythonDropbox client software and server is in pythonRaspberry Pi prefers python for its applicationsEVE, a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) by CPP games uses python broadlyBit Torrent a peer to peer file sharing system began as a python programIndustrial Light & Magic , Pixar uses python for animation productionGoogle's App Engine web development fr…