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Nagarro Company Profile

NameNagarroEstablished1996No. of Employees3000+HeadquartersSan Jose, California, United StatesArea served Australia Austria Denmark Germany Mexico New Zealand Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States
ServicesBusiness consulting and Custom Software developmentLocations In India Gurgaon Jaipur

Subsidiary ofAllgeier a Frankfurt listed (FWBAEI) leading German IT company. For placement papers and other info Click here

[Debate on] "Skill based Education is a Gateway to Global Success"

"The main of education should be to teach us how to think,rather than what to think. to improve our minds, so as to enable us think of ourselves, rather to load our memory with the thoughts of other people"

with these words from renowned poet I greet everyone a warm welcome. Today we will have contention in favour of the topic "Skill based education is a gateway to global success".

People often try to overload our mind towards the need of knowledge based education but they might have forgotten that the given topic cardiolates the interest of two sub topics that are:
"Skilled Education" "Global Success" Few years ago in the past UK decided to experiment on its students to judge which is better "Skilled based education " or "Knowledge based education" and as a result "Dual system of vocational education and training" came into existence which depicts the importance of "skilled education " for global competit…