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Me versus myself

This post again revolves around the "ordinary kid" the same as in the poem "Everything left behind" which I wrote as a page few months ago .
The story is nearly of 19 years ago .
A woman in some small town of Rajasthan village gave birth to a boy.
The woman already had 2 girl child and her economic condition was not so good .
That woman also had a younger sister who once had a miscarriage and then after that never got pregnant. She asked her elder sister to adopt her youngest child which she frequently gave birth.
The elder sister denied to give her child forever to her but she had a proposal.
She said to her younger sister that she could take the child for some time to nourish him in return of some money.
It's hard to believe but the elder sister gave her child to younger sister in change of some money .The younger sister lived with her husband in some hilly areas of j&k as her husband was in military and was posted there.There were no elders in there hous…