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Make Ubuntu 16.10 ready for programming purpose

Few years back when I used be a Windows user, I used to do my every work on it weather it's day to day stuff or programming, but the main problem was that in my laptop windows hangs a lot and consumes a lot of resources( especially RAM) and also the size of software packages  are large on windows. Thus I switched to Ubuntu and it's very easy to use and resource friendly.

So as Computer Science student I usually need to do a lot of programming and thus for that we need to install softwares and procedure to install most common of them are listed below.

But before that you must set ubuntu to download software from other sources. Press ubuntu dash option and search "Software & Updates" without quotes and open it. Then go to "other softwares" menu and check "Canonical partners" if it is not checked by default as shown in picture below(You might see lesser options). Then close the menu (It might ask for your password if not running as root user) and…