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How to connect to MS SQL Server using Python3 on MacOS

Simply follow the steps below

Install pyodbc in python3pip3 install pyodbcorpython3 -m pip install pyodbcNow install Microsoft ODBC Driver (need to have Homebrew installed on your system)brew tap microsoft/msodbcsql homebrewbrew updateFinal Stepbrew install msodbcsqlNow take idea from following python3 code
Hope it helps.

Nancy: The Virtual Assistant (Python Virtual Assistant)

From the last few months our team (Errorists) have been working on a python powered virtual assistant which we call "Nancy: The Virtual Assistant" or "NTVA" in short.

You can get a sneak peak into is working in the following video:
This video shows working of Nancy: the virtual assistant using text input but no doubt Nancy can also be controlled using Voice input.
Now-a-days, no doubt there are many virtual assistants available in market but none of them are cross platform and open source which limits their capabilities and scope. Nancy will be a python powered virtual assistant to be available cross platform.Nancy reduces work load and help you with your basic day to day computer based tasks by automating them and reducing human efforts.It is a voice controlled VA which automates the boring stuff as it mingles with your hard drive and gives the user facility of working with files vocally.User can work with their machine both offline & online without getting t…