Access clipboard using python

I'm doing this tutorial using Python 3.x, but the same can be done using Python 2.x

Python code Wallpaper

The following python script has following properties

  1.  requires pyperclip module to run
  2.  Copy to and from clipboard
  3.  Tested on Unix(MacOs and Ubuntu)
  4.  But should also work on windows
  5.  Try, test, run and then write your own
  6.  And I forgot something, Hello everyone  :-)
The required pyperclip can be installed as follows:

pip3 install pyperclip
or more specifically
python3 -m pip install pyperclip

The installation can checked on Unix in following way:
pip3 freeze|grep 'pyperclip'
or more specifically
python3 -m pip freeze|grep 'pyperclip'

The result will be something like:

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